April 2019
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Project 7 INTEL Entry #0002

BY BASE COMMAND – 5/09/2019


Covert Base Of Operations:
In the months leading up to the Nexus Global launch the underground will reveal documents on the true nature of reality, as well as tactical information on the deception that is keeping our minds imprisoned. [The Nexus v.1 was discontinued because of it being too powerful for the general public…the X-LAB is steadily working on it and we have a fix. We will keep you updated here.]


These will include never-before-released audio and video transmissions of both the underground experiment and the ongoing secret campaign to free earth.


The core of which is this:


The entire world, everything we see around us, is an illusion. It is a fake world that we are programmed to believe to be real to keep us distracted to the truth. We are inside a “mind-carrier” a prison, so vast, that you will never believe it. But, you will not have to believe it. Make it inside the time-tunnel, and you will see it for yourself. Only with the Nexus will you be free.   


How can you escape from a prison when you don’t even know you are in one?


Check Project 7 Headquarters for Time-Tunnel Escape Dates and Times.


Who you are, what your purpose is, and the true nature of reality will all be revealed inside the tunnel.


[Guardian Exodus sent in from Bill W. Queens NY]   


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